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Jet Coin Llc can wash your clothes in Elko, NV
Get clean clothes, not cleaned out

We make them neat because we know you care. 

  • Clean? Check! 
  • Folded? Check!
  • Hung? Check! 
  • Bagged? Check! 
  • Happy? You betcha!!!!
Come drop your laundry off and let the professionals take care of your clothes.
At Jet Coin Laundromat, we know that having clean clothes reflects well on you at work, at home and around town. We also know that it's hard to get your clothes clean if the machine you wash them in is caked with dirt and grime. You won't find that at Jet Coin Laundromat. We have over 50 washing machines, including ten 35 pound washers great for blankets and comforters. Need something bigger we got them too. Three 55 pound washers big enough to do the whole families clothes all at one time!

Single Load Dollar Wash Wednesdays!

Don't be a stranger

Jet Coin Laundromat invites you to put us to the test. Come and visit us at 332 Sixth Street. One look at our clean, roomy facility, and our late model washers and dryers does the trick for most. What seals the deal is our local family ownership and a staff who truly takes pride in their work, and seeing to it that you're satisfied with our services. Come in and see what it's all about, or call 775-738-6522 for more information about laundry drop-off rates. 
Jet Coin Llc can wash all your clothes in Elko, NV
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