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Laundromat in Elko

If the mere mention of the word "laundromat" elicits a feeling of cold dread in your heart, Jet Coin Laundromat will change that to the warm fuzzies. Okay, we may be exaggerating a little bit. It is laundry, after all. Still, we think we can turn one of life's least-favorite chores into a more pleasant experience. From our well-maintained machines, to our personable local staff, get on board the jet!

It all comes out in the wash

Jet Coin Laundromat knows that one of the most annoying aspects of washing your clothes at a laundromat is too many people and not enough machines. Jet Coin Laundromat has over 40 washing machines, including 10 triple-load washers and 3 55-pound washers. We have a change machine available, and slot machines, too!

Free soap for all laundry washed at the Jet Coin Laundromat!!!

At Jet Coin Laundromat, we pride ourselves on having more than enough machines to meet the demands of our customers. We have over 42 dryers in our inventory, all serviced regularly, so you won't see a bunch of "out of order" signs hanging about. With Jet Coin Laundromat, you'll get your laundry done fast, so you can get on with life! 

Make an executive decision

Your time has flown out the window, and your motivation right along with it. Yet the laundry continues to pile up. Don't wait until it becomes another K2. Jet Coin Laundromat drop-off laundry service will get your clothes sparkling clean, dried, fluffed and folded, all at prices that won't make you feel like you've been soaked.
Get your clothes done FAST! Large dryers make it easy to get your clothes dry in a hurry.
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